Boo’s Christmas

Hey Everyone!

I figured since I hadn’t been posting in a while I would write an update!

Let’s see, Thanksgiving was great. We had dinner with my guy’s parents. Then, Christmas was a AMAZING!

The biggest thing I got was my Laptop!! But I also got a purse, some other little goodies AND some cash!

My guy got a lot of cash, allowing him to raid GameStop!

But Boo made out like a freaking bandit!

She got: Several My Little Ponies, An Octanauts Play-set with 2 Characters, Doll House Furniture, Check-out Center/Shopping Cart, Play Kitchen, Dishes/Utensils, Pots/Pans/Cooking Utensils, A Bunch of play food, Minnie Dress up Doll, 3 Movies: 2 Muppet Christmas ones and Brave Little Toaster (One of my personal FAVES), A Backpack, Some Books, A Blanket, Candy, Toothbrush/Paste and a Nabi.

And From Santa: 3 Race Tracks

Boo had only one thing to say about her Christmas: “It… Was… WONderful!”

It took over an hour to organize everything in her room,

So she could actually PLAY with the wonderful Christmas toys she had received! lol

Though for the longest time she just bounced all around the room playing with one thing for 2-3 minutes, then another for 2-3 minutes. She had too many options!

And then, after about 20 minutes or so of this ADHD playing and she suddenly shouts “Oh YEAH! MY NABI!”

HAHAH! 😀 Greatness!

A BIG, BIG “THANKS” to everyone that made this WONDERFUL Christmas possible!!

Here are pictures of her AWESOME gifts and a panoramic of her room. (It looks crazy, but it shows how much stuff there is!)

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Early Morning love





After spending Wed-Sat at her cousin’s wedding, missing her daughter and husband, Hollis Stair wakes up to this…


“After 4 days, I get my morning with my sweet baby girl.

Waking up so early never felt so good.”


The Beautiful Hollis Roberts-Stair, her Husband Brian and adorable daughter, Lydia.

And Ridley, their furry family member!


Often times, we forget that those early mornings are sometimes the sweetest!

And just as I have said before, absence DOES make the heart grow fonder.

It’s important to take those breaks, to do something for yourself or enjoy something with a friend.

Then, when you return, you’ll see how much more you actually APPRECIATE those early mornings!


Until Next Time,

Wild Mommy MC


Computer Troubles

Hey everyone!


So sorry about the lack of blogging this past week, but my computer finally bit the dust.


It’ll be a few months before I can return to blogging regularly.

Until then, I’ll sneak in as many posts as possible using friends/family member’s computers, lol!


Thanks for all the support! and please, don’t give up on me, I will return!!!!



Wild Mommy MC