Wonderland Characters

Welcome to Wonderland.

Throughout this blog, I will be relating different types of Seizures to different characters in the classic story of Wonderland.
This is a quick guide to the characters and their relating seizure types.

×The Cheshire Cat. Often elusive and seeming to come out of thin air, he represents hallucinations. Visual, auditory, olfactory, gustatory and tactile.

×The Queen of Hearts. Demanding, angry, and volatile. Constantly changing. She represents intrusive thoughts and attitude changes.

×Mad Hatter. Crazy and confusing. Leading the brain into an intricate labrynth. He represents Deja Vu  (the feeling of having already experienced a present situation) and Jamais Vu (the feeling of experiencing a situation that one recognizes in some fashion, but that, nonetheless, seems very unfamiliar).

×Dormouse. A fatigue that knows no bounds and spontaneous moments of extreme unconsciousness. He represents atonic or “drop” Seizures. 

×March Hare. Random, spastic and hyperactive, with a sense of humor to balance. He represents myoclonic Seizures (spasms and twitches). 

×The Caterpillar. Very slow and thought provoking. Capturing you in a daze. He represents absence Seizures. 

×The White Rabbit. Ruled by time and riddled with anxiety. He represents the anxiety associated with the emotions of coping with TLE.


Got something to add? Feel free!

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