Mommy Problems

Kadie Paine-Hall


nanatoochi“That moment

when you wake up

in the middle of the night

cause you think you hear

one of the boys cry,

only to remember

that they are with their

Grammie and Grandpa

for the weekend!

Mommy problems!!!”

The gorgeous Kadie Paine-Hall

Her handsome son, Caiden (Left) and Her Adorable Son, Jaxson (Right)

She is also EXPECTING! 🙂

(The are also my nephews!)


If you’re a Mom, you have probably experienced this! I know I have! Even during the daytime, when my daughter has been away from home! I believe there have been times when I could have passed a lie detector test with flying colors, SWEARING that my daughter just in fact yelled my name.

I’m almost CERTAIN it has something to do with how often we hear those little cries throughout the day and night, but I am almost just as certain it also has something to do with missing them while they are gone.

It seems crazy, I’m sure, how many times do we think, “If I could ONLY have a a night alone!” and then, as soon as they are gone, we find ourselves looking through pictures, thinking about memories or just plain missing them!

But it’s okay! It’s perfectly normal. In fact, it’s a sign of a GREAT, WILD MOMMY!!!

Just REMEMBER: It is so VERY important to make sure you get these breaks.

It is in fact, ABSENCE that makes the heart grow fonder….

So, send them to grandma and grandpa’s…. and miss them like CRAZY while they’re gone!

PS: I find that when Boo is gone, if I turn on the radio while I sleep, I don’t hear her voice as often! lol

Until Next Time,


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