Boo Says- I am a Wild Mommy

Photo4032My Beautiful Girl and Me


My daughter, Boo,  Daddy and I have this routine for brushing her hair.

After a bath, where we use some sort of conditioner and utilize our awesome shower head to help ease tangles out, we towel dry and assume the position:

She sits, with me behind her and one leg on either side of her, and in close vicinity to Daddy, because she has to hold his hand.

So, once we get settled I begin brushing. Now, when I was a kid, my mom always referred to tangles as Rats in my hair.

So we had to “chase” the “rats” out with a brush, which distracted from the large amounts of pain caused by said… “chase“.

So, when I began brushing Boo’s hair, I told her she had “rats” and she thought I said “rabbits“,

so she started calling them “Bunny Rats” And a new tradition was born.

Now, this tradition has mutated into a huge game of not only chasing them out, but naming each “Bunny Rat” after a family member.

Small ones are the babies of the family, Medium ones are the older kids and Large ones are adults.

It actually REALLY helps keep her from going to tears over her tender-headedness, which I am SURE she inherited from me!


So… Earlier today I was brushing Boo’s hair, while she held her Daddy’s hand.

I was chasing all the bunny rats out, and she asked me “Was there a cousin and me in there?

And I replied “Yep! There was even a Wild Mommy!

She looked at me, giggling, and asked “What’s a Wild Mommy?

I looked back at her and said “UGH! You know what a Wild Mommy is, what’s a Wild Mommy?

She smiles sweetly and says “A really GREAT mommy! Like YOU! You’re a Wild Mommy!!


Honestly, we have never really discussed this before.

I had never once told her that was the definition, she came up with it all on her own!


My heart is about to burst it’s so FULL of LOVE!


I am one LUCKY Wild Mommy!


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