Pregnant Thoughts

by Meagan Ashburn

meaganashburnThe Beautiful  Meagan Ashburn

You know you’re in your last month of pregnancy when…

1:  You buy new pants on your lunch break because the ones you wore to work are no longer comfortable.

2:  Your outfit originally included heels but then you settle for flats for fear of swelling.

3:  You have perfected the “roll” out of bed, because your core muscles no longer exist.

4:  You have priced rib reconstructive surgery because you’re convinced they are all broken.

5:  You leave stuff on the floor you dropped because bending over is not really an option anymore.

And finally…

6:  You suck it up and allow people to do things for you even though you’re a stubborn stubborn woman…


Right on Meagan! And the most important lesson here is to ACCEPT HELP DURING PREGNANCY!

We so often forget that we are actually growing another human being inside of us!

So, don’t turn down the free dinners, the back/foot rubs and the other extra help! Trust me, you need it.

And Remember, once that baby is born, you have to KEEP accepting that help! It’s never a bad thing to accept help!

PS: I also recommend learning to pick things up with your toes, lol

Until Next Time,

Wild Mommy MC


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