Boo: Asleep at the meal…

So, my daughter stayed TWO nights with her Mammaw this Tuesday and Wednesday. She came back today rather early and I had been told she had been up fairly late.

Well, we ate. Played a game. She played while I napped and Daddy play his game.
Then Boo and Daddy walked to the corner store for treats.
We played with her toys for a little while.
She helped me make dinner.
She ate 4 slices of Totino’s pizza and asked for more.
Daddy and I went upstairs to rest and let our food settle. Also, So we could watch the news.
After the news was over, Daddy went downstairs to see if Boo wanted to go to the park.
I was getting ready in the bathroom.
I heard a whisper…
So I went to the top of the stairs and heard Daddy say, “Mommy, come here, quick!”
So I went downstairs and found this…

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After a couple of snapshots, lol, I picked her up and put her in her bed.
She was dead weight the entire time and never woke.

Needless to say, we did not go to the park.
We agreed that if a kid falls asleep sitting up, they probably really need the sleep!


Lots of Love,
Wild Mommy and Wild Daddy

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