Boo Says- I am a Wild Mommy

Photo4032My Beautiful Girl and Me


My daughter, Boo,  Daddy and I have this routine for brushing her hair.

After a bath, where we use some sort of conditioner and utilize our awesome shower head to help ease tangles out, we towel dry and assume the position:

She sits, with me behind her and one leg on either side of her, and in close vicinity to Daddy, because she has to hold his hand.

So, once we get settled I begin brushing. Now, when I was a kid, my mom always referred to tangles as Rats in my hair.

So we had to “chase” the “rats” out with a brush, which distracted from the large amounts of pain caused by said… “chase“.

So, when I began brushing Boo’s hair, I told her she had “rats” and she thought I said “rabbits“,

so she started calling them “Bunny Rats” And a new tradition was born.

Now, this tradition has mutated into a huge game of not only chasing them out, but naming each “Bunny Rat” after a family member.

Small ones are the babies of the family, Medium ones are the older kids and Large ones are adults.

It actually REALLY helps keep her from going to tears over her tender-headedness, which I am SURE she inherited from me!


So… Earlier today I was brushing Boo’s hair, while she held her Daddy’s hand.

I was chasing all the bunny rats out, and she asked me “Was there a cousin and me in there?

And I replied “Yep! There was even a Wild Mommy!

She looked at me, giggling, and asked “What’s a Wild Mommy?

I looked back at her and said “UGH! You know what a Wild Mommy is, what’s a Wild Mommy?

She smiles sweetly and says “A really GREAT mommy! Like YOU! You’re a Wild Mommy!!


Honestly, we have never really discussed this before.

I had never once told her that was the definition, she came up with it all on her own!


My heart is about to burst it’s so FULL of LOVE!


I am one LUCKY Wild Mommy!



Mommy Problems

Kadie Paine-Hall


nanatoochi“That moment

when you wake up

in the middle of the night

cause you think you hear

one of the boys cry,

only to remember

that they are with their

Grammie and Grandpa

for the weekend!

Mommy problems!!!”

The gorgeous Kadie Paine-Hall

Her handsome son, Caiden (Left) and Her Adorable Son, Jaxson (Right)

She is also EXPECTING! 🙂

(The are also my nephews!)


If you’re a Mom, you have probably experienced this! I know I have! Even during the daytime, when my daughter has been away from home! I believe there have been times when I could have passed a lie detector test with flying colors, SWEARING that my daughter just in fact yelled my name.

I’m almost CERTAIN it has something to do with how often we hear those little cries throughout the day and night, but I am almost just as certain it also has something to do with missing them while they are gone.

It seems crazy, I’m sure, how many times do we think, “If I could ONLY have a a night alone!” and then, as soon as they are gone, we find ourselves looking through pictures, thinking about memories or just plain missing them!

But it’s okay! It’s perfectly normal. In fact, it’s a sign of a GREAT, WILD MOMMY!!!

Just REMEMBER: It is so VERY important to make sure you get these breaks.

It is in fact, ABSENCE that makes the heart grow fonder….

So, send them to grandma and grandpa’s…. and miss them like CRAZY while they’re gone!

PS: I find that when Boo is gone, if I turn on the radio while I sleep, I don’t hear her voice as often! lol

Until Next Time,


Pregnant Thoughts

by Meagan Ashburn

meaganashburnThe Beautiful  Meagan Ashburn

You know you’re in your last month of pregnancy when…

1:  You buy new pants on your lunch break because the ones you wore to work are no longer comfortable.

2:  Your outfit originally included heels but then you settle for flats for fear of swelling.

3:  You have perfected the “roll” out of bed, because your core muscles no longer exist.

4:  You have priced rib reconstructive surgery because you’re convinced they are all broken.

5:  You leave stuff on the floor you dropped because bending over is not really an option anymore.

And finally…

6:  You suck it up and allow people to do things for you even though you’re a stubborn stubborn woman…


Right on Meagan! And the most important lesson here is to ACCEPT HELP DURING PREGNANCY!

We so often forget that we are actually growing another human being inside of us!

So, don’t turn down the free dinners, the back/foot rubs and the other extra help! Trust me, you need it.

And Remember, once that baby is born, you have to KEEP accepting that help! It’s never a bad thing to accept help!

PS: I also recommend learning to pick things up with your toes, lol

Until Next Time,

Wild Mommy MC

Boo: Asleep at the meal…

So, my daughter stayed TWO nights with her Mammaw this Tuesday and Wednesday. She came back today rather early and I had been told she had been up fairly late.

Well, we ate. Played a game. She played while I napped and Daddy play his game.
Then Boo and Daddy walked to the corner store for treats.
We played with her toys for a little while.
She helped me make dinner.
She ate 4 slices of Totino’s pizza and asked for more.
Daddy and I went upstairs to rest and let our food settle. Also, So we could watch the news.
After the news was over, Daddy went downstairs to see if Boo wanted to go to the park.
I was getting ready in the bathroom.
I heard a whisper…
So I went to the top of the stairs and heard Daddy say, “Mommy, come here, quick!”
So I went downstairs and found this…

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After a couple of snapshots, lol, I picked her up and put her in her bed.
She was dead weight the entire time and never woke.

Needless to say, we did not go to the park.
We agreed that if a kid falls asleep sitting up, they probably really need the sleep!


Lots of Love,
Wild Mommy and Wild Daddy

Rainy Day Adventure

Yesterday, around 2:30pm, I realized it was raining.

Now, Boo and I have this deal about rain. If it’s raining during the daytime, we have to go outside.

We only adopted this deal because MamMaw bought her a Minnie Mouse umbrella, but it was always fun.

So, when I saw  that it was raining, I got up and went downstairs.

We got out the umbrella and went out the front door,  We were both excited.

So excited that not only had we not dressed very… appropriately …for the occasion- Me in a red tank top and red sweat pants, her in her SpongeBobSquarePants gown, underneath her Princess dress and Fairy wings- we had also not been very prepared.

Two steps onto the cold concrete floor and I knew we needed shoes. So I turned around and yanked on the knob.


It was locked,

There I was, in my pajamas.

No keys.

No phone.

A four year old, in her pajamas and a freakinFAIRY PRINCESS COSTUME!

With only a Minnie Mouse Umbrella to face a downpour!

The only person in the house is upstairs, asleep.

The doorbell doesn’t work.

No one will be home for an hour or more.


Then, I get a GENIUS idea! The back door!

So I turn to Boo and say “Stay RIGHT HERE baby, okay?”

She says “Okay.” with a quivering lip and tears in her eyes, threatening to spill over.

I give her a hug and promise to be right  back.

I then quickly run around the two other town homes to the left of us,

around them, past the pool and back behind our own town home.

I slow down, walking triumphantly to to the door,

(even knowing there is a bunch of tubs to be removed from the entry way of the door),

Turn the knob.



So I turn around and head back to the front porch.

When I arrive to the carport, I see that I now have a crying 4 year old in a Fairy Princess costume.

I hug her and we get her calmed down. I explain the situation to her and I sit down to think.

She sits down next to me and I put my arm around her.

I think about all the options:

1) Wait for someone to get home in the carport for an hour or more

2) Throw objects at the upstairs window (and hope that I:        a. hit it, b. wake up my boyfriend’s brother, c. don’t break it)

3) Walk to a store (in the rain with a four year old, barefoot in pajamas and her in a fairy princess costume, with only a Minnie  mouse umbrella) and use the phone (and hope that a. they let me use the phone (also provided they HAVE one), b. I remember phone numbers, c. someone answers)

4) Climb onto the roof/awning in front of the double windows  of my bedroom window which were open

I had to admit, my best option was probably NOT the one I chose.

I decided on #4.

So I picked up Boo and we walked around back.

I had a stroke of genius. I could just lift Boo up there and she could climb through.

I knew the roof awning was safe. A man had walked very casually across it just the day before.

But Boo refused. and with tears.

So I got out a patio chair, stood in it and began to scale the slightly unstable metal columns beneath the awning. But, they were too far under, it was too wet and I was too scared and too heavy for the columns.

Boo saw this too and yelled out ” I don’t want you to do this, I’ll do it, I’LL DO IT!”

So I got down and talked to her.

She said she was sure, with tears in her eyes.

So I stood in the patio chair and lifted her up onto the roof awning.

She climbed Mowgli (from the Jungle Book) style to the window, pausing halfway to turn around and say “Look Mommy, I’m doing it!”

My girl.

She climbs through the window, and I begin to RUN.

I run past the 2 other town home backs, around the corner, across the town home fronts and straight to the front door.

Just in time to watch Boo run back up the stairs.


So I begin to knock and yell her name.

After about a minute, she returns and I discover the door was open the whole time. she Had thought it was stuck, because it was hard to open, but she had gotten it cracked.

Anyways. We threw out wet clothes into the dryer and got on some dry ones.

Then we ate some tomato soup and grilled cheese.

As we ate our soup and sandwiches, she looked at me and I said “We had an adventure, didn’t we baby?”

And she says “Yeah, but let’s never do it again!”

Not my best parenting moment. But not too bad, I guess…    lol

What do you think?