“Boo Says”- My daughter & Politics

So, While Daddy and I were watching the news, Boo came in to ask a question. I don’t even remember what particular show we were watching, but on it, there was a republican and a democrat arguing loudly, as is pretty much ALWAYS the case, on ANY political news media channel!


Well, Instead of asking me her original question, she was so INTERESTED in the arguing that she began to question me about the news show, and what they were all yelling about.

I told her they were arguing about the President.

Of course, then she asked me what a “PRESINET” was, and this was what followed:

Me: The President is someone who helps make the rules for everyone in America.

Boo: But mommy, you’re the boss and you make the rules!

Me: I know baby, but I’m not everyone’s boss, I can’t tell them (the news media) or anyone else what to do!

Boo: BUT, You should, they (news media)  need a time out. Put the Presinet in there too! You should just be boss, then everybody would be happy like me and daddy cause you are the best mommy in the whole world and you give us ice cream and kiss our boo boos and take care of us when we’re sick. Everyone needs my mommy to be boss!
First of all, her pronunciation of President as “Presinet” is quite possibly one of the most adorable things in the world!

Secondly, I just LOVE how she calls me the boss, lol

Thirdly, how amazing is it that my 4 year old is not only INTERESTED in politics, but has her OWN political ideas?

And Lastly, would you vote WILD MOMMY for Presinet?

I’ve got a great platform… “An ice cream in every hand and a kiss for every Boo-boo”

OH! And mandatory time outs for politicians and news media people… lol


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