Children and !#@*# Cursing!

Continuing with our Mommy Blues, we take a look at Potty MOUTHS!

When discussing children and cursing, you have to decide what you want to do.

Are you wanting to prevent childhood cursing or prevent lifelong cursing?

Preventing Life-Long Cursing-

I know more parents that choose this option, not wanting their children to ever  pick up the habit of cursing. Well, the best, easiest, most efficient way to prevent cursing from ever entering your child’s vocabulary is by not cursing YOURSELF and not allowing your child to be around anyone who DOES curse. You can also limit what types of music, movies and TV they are subjected to, therefore limiting the RATING and amount of cursing. Now, I’m not saying they will not get exposed to cursing ever, But you have the power to greatly limit their exposure. And when your child IS exposed to foul language, you point out that that language is not acceptable. If your child begins to curse, I suggest using whatever punishment you would normally use. It needs to be as important an offense as any.

Preventing Childhood Cursing-

However, I have known some parents that choose this option, teaching their children when and where it is appropriate to curse. Though this way of parenting means allowing your child to speak freely, I recommend following the procedure for life-long cursing (limiting exposure to cursing) until your child is mature enough to COMPLETELY COMPREHEND the limits of appropriate cursing. Then, when your child is mature enough to understand, you can explain to them who it is appropriate to curse in front of and what it curses are appropriate and when they are appropriate. And of course, there should be punishment for breaking any rules of appropriateness.

There are probably many parents that would argue for either side of parenting on this aspect. But, in my opinion, either one is fine. I personally, have chosen the second type. My daughter is allowed to speak freely, because I couldn’t honestly say to her “Do as I say not as I do”. And I curse. So, I told her that she needed to make up her own mind on cursing, but she should ONLY do any cursing when she was ALONE or in front of me or my boyfriend (daddy) because we were okay with it. But she was also taught to never curse AT us. and she has only had to be punished ONCE for doing that. But, my daughter is fairly mature when it comes to commanding language, so I trust her to not curse. And well, even though we’ve given her the freedom to curse, the most she ever says is “freakin”, which really doesn’t bother me. And she never uses it TOWARDS anyone.

But if you choose to prevent cursing for LIFE, the best thing you can do is set the example. But I found a technique that can help. Give your child ALTERNATIVES to curse words. When my daughter was younger, and sometimes even now, she would say “Jive turkey”, “sucker”, “fool”, “don’t be a square”, etc. My boyfriend and I had noticed her beginning to pick up cursing from hearing us and other various friends and family, so we stepped in on the offensive and gave her an arsenal of non-curse, curse words. It really worked. She stopped picking up other people’s curses and started using hers. And, it was SUPER CUTE! lol

The most important thing is decided what you want to do, then sticking to it. Remember, if you do not want you kid to curse, you really have to not curse yourself. As well as monitor their exposure to other cursing. If you don’t do that, their sponge-like brains will simply absorb all of those words and begin spitting them out, usually at the WORST times!


So, join me MONDAY as we continue with the next Mommy Blue, which also involves bad MOUTH habits. Talking about kiddos having a BAD ATTITUDE. I know I have struggled with this, but I have a few tips and tricks along with basic ideologies that can really help cool their attitudes.

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