Okay, so we’re back with another MOMMY MYTH! This myth is actually not just a problem for MOMS, but for CHILDREN as well.

The myth is that Mom’s should spend EVERY MOMENT with their children.

Do not misunderstand me, spending time with your children, in LARGE amounts, is NEVER a bad thing!


Not only do you as a Mommy, need this break to refresh your brain so you can be a BETTER mommy,

But your kiddo needs that time to learn to self-soothe, as well as generate independent and imaginative thinking, as well as, play!

Now, in my opinion, it’s everything in MODERATION. So, I like to slice the day up between different types of play.

There’s mommy play, active play, moderate play, sedentary play, educational play, TV Time and outdoor play.

Choose what percentage of their time should be devoted to each type of play,

then tell your child you will join them for 2 out of 3 or 5 our of 10 or WHATEVER,

and let your KIDDO select which ones with which you participate!

If there are any types of play your child cannot do ALONE, obviously make that a necessity!

Then, during the times of independent play, you do laundry, dishes, work or play, WHATEVER!

If your child is too young for completely INDEPENDENT play, I recommend toys that can CONTAIN your child.

There is NOTHING wrong with that!

Get them in a pack-n-play, a walker or a large gate, then take 30 minutes to just sit and breathe, to a chore, etc.

And when Grandma or Auntie or whoever comes a callin’


Alone, too, sometimes! lol

Until Next Time,

Wild Mommy MC


Got something to add? Feel free!

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