Potty Clock

The Potty Clock is a GREAT craft that CAN be done with you toddler’s help! The toddler clock is a clock you decorate/alter in order to help with potty training! To see how it can help, check out my blog:  FLUSH your FRUSTRATIONS!


1 battery operated clock, adhesive Velcro (I prefer the little circles), poster board (the thicker the better), scissors and your choice of  6 “markers” (Ex: Jewels, trinkets or maybe even hand-drawn pictures)

First, you begin by cutting the Velcro into squares the same size as the numbers on your clock. You need 18.

Then, you cut the poster board into squares slightly LARGER than the Velcro. Again, you need 18.

On the front of 12 of the poster board squares you write the numbers 1-12.

On the front of 6 of the poster board squares you adhere the marker or draw a picture. (Better to use permanent marker or CRAYON for that)

Then, Adhere the back of the NOT FUZZY side to the clock face, covering ALL the hours/numbers on the clock face. and, adhere the back of the FUZZY side to the back of the 18 poster board squares

( You can use the adhesive type Velcro for the clock, poster board and markers or use REGULAR Velcro and GLUE for more security )

Then, using each number and marker, you can set up the schedule for their potty training, depending on when they wake up!

If they use the potty every TWO hours, you can use the clock like a REGULAR clock with altering numbers/markers.

If they use the potty every HOUR, just convert the clock to a 1-6 clock, alternating numbers 1-6 with markers. The clock will simply circle TWICE!




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